Fast Facts

BIRTHDATE: 11/01/1994

BIRTHPLACE: Altoona, Pennsylvania

ALMA MATER: Northern Cambria High School (class of 2013)

FAVORITE COLOR: Probably orange.


Questionnaire Answers

Please also indicate the pronouns you use (she/her)


Degree program(s) / Area(s) of study: Creative Writing


What are your favorite places to visit on the web, and why?

Tumblr, Twitter, Electric Literature; because I like pop culture


What are your favorite apps?  



What apps or software do you use most often?

 Instagram, Pixlr, and Word


Do you own a laptop, tablet, and / or smartphone? What platforms are they (Apple, Android, etc.)?

 Laptop: Windows. Phone: Android.


What kinds of experiences do you have with digital composition (blogs, social media, wiki contributions, coding)?

 Blogs, social media, and HTML editing


What kinds of experience do you have with digital multimedia composition (digital photography / video editing, including Instagram, Snapchat, Vine; voice memo recording, digital music playing or recording, etc.)?

 Photoshop, voice recording, Instagram, and video editing.


Do you play any video games? Which ones are your favorite and why? Which platforms do you use?

 Yes. My favorites are Spyro (before Skylanders), Bayonetta, Borderlands, and Saints Row the Third. I usually use PC.


What kinds of digital writing would you like to learn more about? What intrigues you about digital writing? How do you think you might need it in your future (classes, jobs, hobbies, etc.)?

I want to create interactive literature. It’s a form that I am drawn to, as someone who likes video games and traditional literature.




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