Real Deal

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As with the previous projects this one did not go according to the original plan but that is because I saw a better way of doing it.

Enter Part 1.

You will have to figure out the puzzle in Part 1 to get to Part 2. Email me if you need assistance.


Nick of Time: UPJ DIGI WRITE

IMG_20170407_101756Prompt: “Sit at your desk and listen” Franz Kafka

I hear my computer. It’s softly rattling-whirring not screech-choking as if possessed. It only does that when I am at ease. I hear the ticking of the alarm clock I never use as an alarm. There’s constant woosh of the vents.

At this moment there are only the ever-present sounds. I like a quote, — I don’t know who said it I saw it online — “Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.” If music decorates time, these sounds are nicks in the wall. Better yet, they are the walls.