Mingzhi Pigu

Mingzhi Pigu is inspired by the Steal Like an Artist Journal prompt, “Write Down Everything You Fear Then Cross it Out.” I will not be including the picture from the journal. The fears I wrote were too personal.

The narrative is essentially a conversation between the player/viewer and a computer program that asks the player what they fear from a list of answers then responds with sassy comebacks. There are numerous layers to the narrative and the player explores the psyche of a quasi-AI.

The inspiration behind Mingzhu Pingu was mostly CleverBot; a  real-life quasi-AI. I also thought of Karen from SpongerBob, HAL 9000, and GLaDOS.

About the name: I wanted to give the narrative a name that was interesting but funny. Looking at Mandarin words, I found mingzhi (明智) “sagacious” and pigu (屁股) “butt.”

“Mingzhi Pigu”




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