Margaret Brundage


I talked about Margaret Brundage a couple of weeks ago and think given there is a few minutes left of International Women’s Day, I want to recognize her.

I think I heard about her from Margaret Atwood first but I have to think I heard of her prior. I definitely learned the most about her from my little hobby of putting music lyrics over pulp art. I find it hardest to use her work. It has some of the best coloring, but is the lewd poses of the women in her art that might put a bee in people’s bonnets. “Few women worked in science fiction and fantasy, and even fewer were portrayed prominently in science fiction and fantasy art” at the time Brundage illustrated the covers of Weird Tales. There is the pervading thought that a lack of modesty goes against feminism, but as Emma Watson said, feminism is about “freedom” and “liberation.” When you consider the time period when Brundage created this erotic covers, and the push for “modesty” it is empowering.

Is art depicting violence against women misogynistic if it is the art of a woman and the art depicts a woman enacting violence against another woman?

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight, I think. I may revisit this topic later.




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