Transcribing Radio

This was difficult and rushed, I will admit. I don’t have a radio, so I used Spotify radio, but it ruined the experience of entering in the middle of something. I also had no speaking. Most of my transcription has me writing (ambient music).

run the jewels.png

PROMPT: Turn on a radio. Switch the station every 10 seconds. Transcribe everything you hear.

(Ambient synth) 

I can’t live my I can’t live my I can’t my life this way

(Piano) Bum bum drill

(Ambient synth and frogs)

(Lounge music)

(Rainlike keyboard playing)

(Overproduced hip hop)

Can be seen as a type of poem that critiques modern hip hop. I tried to remove as much control as possible so I randomly hit a button in the search when I tried to set up a radio station and hit on the first artist. The artist was Run the Jewels, so the music was similar in style. I like Run the Jewels, and when I revisited the song that started with overproduced hip hop, I liked it, but that was the only way I could describe it in 10 seconds.


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