Change You Like a Remix Raise You Like a Phoenix

First things first,

my remix memes via Twitter

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The final picture could not be found when going back to the hashtag. This was an easy task much easier than my remix project.

I had a plan. I worked hard only to have a video spoiled by a gigantic watermark, and what made it worse was that people didn’t get it. I never considered that not everyone knew about the film Citizen Kane. I eventually lost the file that I made, and had difficulty recreating it on a new program, then I realized I had been making another, easier project which combines pulp art with music lyrics, combining my love of literature, art, and music.

I have provided screenshots instead of embedding. It makes it easier, and it allows you (the reader) to see how other people reacted.

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I didn’t intend for this to be my project. This was something I started doing on Wednesday because I like Pulp Art and I found this to be more fun than reading a dime novel I had to read for class. The first illustration is from that dime novel. This is something easy for me to do that takes up a lot less time. It is evolving. I’ve started doing the same thing with contemporary literary fiction. Think @paprbckparadise, only this is someone else’s art with someone else’s lyrics.

My IG is @alchemical_imbalance

There was a magazine called Weird Tales that I couldn’t bring myself to edit. It especially has the scantily-clad damsels associated with pulp art. I learned in the process of this little project that Weird Tales’ covers were designed by a woman named Margaret Brundage. Designs like the one below were designed by a woman.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.28.43 AM.png

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