Lincoln defeating darkness reading in candlelight

Inspired by [x]

Abe had yet to achieve his destiny. Back in the log cabin, circa 1830, by candlelight, he read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, and was troubled when the founding father wrote that the indiginous people of this great land ought to be extirpated, from God’s good Providence. Abe thought about how the indiginous people had been segregated into their tiny colonies since then. He had not seen too many Indians. He had seen a number of slaves, and thought that would be close enough.

Abe thought about how those redskins likely saw the whites as perpetrators. How the redskins wanted the white men to go back to where they came from and had the revelation that it was what the negros wanted to do. The negros wanted to go back to Africa. It was then that young Abe came to the notion that when the slaves were free, they should be allowed to colonize in Liberia in the name of the country they were born.


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