A Favorite Quote Written 5 Different Ways

“And with both of us it will be and then it will not be” – William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying

When I read As I Lay Dying, this line stuck out to me. It’s simple, yes, but the cadence makes it feel otherworldly. Faulkner thought he was a failed poet, but this line proves him wrong. I have it as a homemade poster in my dorm.

Per the prompt from The Steal Like and Artist Journal, I wrote it 5 different ways.

  1. And with both of us it will be and not be
  2. It will be. Then it will not be.
  3. And with us there is change.
  4. We will change from what we are now.
  5. We are opposites.

You will notice that I marked it with “A” instead of “Your.” I find it hard to pick absolute favorites. Which leads to me my digital synthesis with the prompt. A “decision” maker. It likely already exists. There are yes/no generators. Coin toss generators for when you don’t have a penny to your name, or it’s all on a debit card, but this decision maker will tell you what to do based off of variables like severity and category. The only problem will be if one has a trouble deciding the severity of the decision they have to make or its category. If one is overestimating the severity or the category, the user is likely to get bad results.


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