10 Pseudonyms

  1. Ceniza Espalda
  2. Joan Kinsey
  3. Ashtarte
  4. Rebecca Rubin
  5. Cendre Arriere
  6. Zadni Popel
  7. Yunalesca Romanoff
  8. Harriet Sherman
  9. Riley Harrison
  10. Margot Rocco

Inspired by a prompt from The Steal Like an Artist Journal


If I could I would do a series of videos where each pseudonym is given its own six seconds, treating the pseudonyms as alter egos.

Ceniza Espalda – thieving villain in the vain of Carmen Sandiego

Joan Kinsey – Sex therapist

Ashtarte – Reincarnation of Ishtar

Rebecca Rubin – Music producer

Cendre Arriere – Poet and vegan

Zadni Popel – Peasant girl from Slovakia

Yunalesca Romanoff – Russian model turned con artist

Harriet Sherman – Pianist and possibly mute

Riley Harrison – Roadie and really into astrology

Margot Rocco – In between jobs, but lives well above her means

I think I would make it funny, but I would want it to look like music videos, just to go with the glamour of some of the alter egos. Ceniza’s favorite colors are green and purple, so her video would use a lot of those colors in the lighting. Her video would have a neon, 80’s quality. Think the “Starboy” music video or the film Drive. Joan would have a lot of warm browns and light beige colors, and the sets would have a lot of cherry wood. Ashtarte’s video would be like the scenes from the Cranberries “Zombie” music video where Dolores O’Riordan is Cleopatra painted in gold. Cendre Arriere’s video would look like a nouvelle vague film. Zadni’s would be like a PBS documentary. Yunalesca would be shot like a reality show. Harriet’s would be shot like a music documentary. Riley’s would look like Almost Famous but the color palette and costumes would be inspired by tarot cards. Margot would be shot with an iPhone.


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