Reader, Writer, Reader-Writer

by Ashley Bach

Reading and writing or considered to be mutually inclusive. You cannot be a writer without being a reader, and many bookworms dream of putting their own words into print. The idea of literary citizenship, according to those who teach and write about it, concentrates on the writing aspect of and developing a literary community of writers. Look at for more on the subject.

The relationship of the two is so commonplace it is not often discussed, except for in cases like theNew Yorker article “Writing Without Reading is Like ______.” which addresses a “disconnect” between reading and writing.

In the article Macy Halford discusses Boston University ‘s William Giraldi, who said he did not like writing but loved reading, and found it difficult in 2011 (year the article was published)  to find so many of his students hated reading but loved writing. He tried to…

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