The Book that was Adapted into One of My Favorite Movies is Getting a Sequel

I don’t know how to feel.

I imagine that is how the sequel to the 2010 novel will begin like such.

The book, to avoid any spoilers, is somewhat different from the movie, and the movie I will say it now is better, specifically because it had a better ending. The ending to the book was rubbish, and I may have been influenced by the aesthetics of the trailer, seeing as I purchased the book after seeing the trailer, but I always hated the fact R wore a suit in the book. R also had a few other people in his undead life, that weakened the novel. The changes made to the movie were practical, as they made for a better story.

I am excited about the book but I am more excited about its adaptation. The adaptation achieved things that the books simple could not, because a book can’t have a soundtrack, unless it’s a music book, and it’s a cd in one of those envelopes in the very back of the book, but that would be impractical for a novel.

For more on the differences between the novel in the movie, if it’s been a while since you read and watched, or you like reading about books and movies, go here.

Here is the books synopsis.

R is recovering from death.

He’s learning how to breathe, how to speak, how to be human, one clumsy step at a time. He doesn’t remember his old life and he doesn’t want to. He’s building a new one with Julie.

But his old life remembers him. The plague has another host far more dangerous than the Dead. It’s coming to return the world to the good old days of stability and control and the strong eating the weak, and stopping it will require a frightening journey into the surreal wastelands of America—and the shadowy basement of R’s mind.



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