Trying to Understand the Appeal of MDE

After receiving agressive DM’s from someone who disliked my casual critique of Million Dollar Extreme Presents World Peace.


Please know that I was joking with my responses, just as I believe this person was joking.

This is but one of the many people who sing praises for the show. It is praise that I do not understand.  In trying to understand the appeal of a show I do not particularly like, I visited some of the comedy group backlog of work.

I wanted to find something to like about the show besides Charls “Where’s the Fucking E” Carroll’s face, and I found that despite comparisons to Tim and Eric and Wonder Showzen, MDE is a different breed of alternative comedy. As their preserved YouTube videos show, they are a breed that really likes to use the C-word (I myself enjoy using the word, but only when directing it to myself. They also use the homophobic F-word. Such language can be funny, good old South Park humor, and perhaps their overuse of the word is based around the idea of using a word so much as to make it meaningless.

It is specifically cynical dude humor, and the comedy troupe’s show World Peace is given a disservice by following The Eric Andre Show, which is arguably the biggest original program on [adult swim], until Rick and Morty comes back. As much as programming at [adult swim] thinks that the shows are reaching to the same type of audience with both shows, it is wrong having Eric Andre be a lead-in to World Peace, as the show in the 12 o’clock slot is honestly an intense fucking roller coaster, where viewers are mortified for the guests and fearing for the hosts physical and mental health, all while laughing at the very things that elicit the concerns. World Peace so far has been much more tame, and is in ways a letdown, because of its anti-humor.

A lot of blames for whatever I find wrong with the show can be put on the fact that this is anti-comedy. After all, I am a girl, and I cannot comprehend something as complex as comedy that is intentionally not funny. It is intentionally meant to not be the very thing is categorized as being. Oh boy. My female brain hurts. It’s throbbing like a man’s manhood from the arousal of feeling intellectually superior to me. I fear I am going to faint.

World Peace is best viewed online, and it will likely flourish online, as with Eric Andre and the only other big summer show Mr. Robot.  Simply because if one watches World Peace and is hungry for context one can back track and catch the blink and you’ll miss it details or even things that are simply not as noticeable. I enjoyed the moments where I could see the smiles cracking at the corners of Hyde’s and Rochefort’s mouths during The Wall Show, and, as I did with the non-WP content, saw the moments where the actors break character and laugh as the highlights.

The fans of MDE appear to be mostly males, and white, as can be construed by this Reddit thread.

They are also misogynists.


zfsdfs (x)

But hate the fans and not the bands. Speaking of bands, another commendable part of the show is the end credits that play over pretty good music. Another reason to watch online: you can pause and find the song.

There are hints of misogyny on the show. One. Two.

  • My interpretation of The Wall Show was a satire of the entitlement and high standards of people between the ages of 20 and 30.
  • “You have a bad CarFax and I’m supposed to take that?” made me laugh.

I don’t feel like extensively talking about “Jews Rock.” Oh, it’s so funny because it’s applying the message Jews control the media to an educational program! Look! They’re pointing to their cameras at a producer and [adult swim] executives, who we can only assume are Jewish given the way they look displeased and the topic of the sketch! They’re so offensive! They don’t care!

That was sarcasm.

The merits of the show aside, it should not have two highlight moments over the course of ten minutes. A half-hour show can get combo hits with jokes. They seem committed to the anti-humor sketches, but they might have a hit on their hands by including interviews like the ones they did for their YouTube channel. It will have them be more comparable to Eric Andre, but people [aimeemccarthy being one] already accuse the troupe of ripping off Tim and Eric. The YouTube content and the goofs in the second episode show that the show can be its best if they extemporize a bit more.

My first impression of the show with its first episode was that the writers mistook incomprehensibility as a form of asserting intellectual superiority.

The big issue here is that at points in watching MDEs material online and on [adult swim], my mind develops a filter that puts fedoras on the men. I have been to heavily influenced by Internet femenism and seen to much of what Internet femenism makes fun of in the real life to have much patience for guys who are too cool to be funny on a comedy. Chris D’Elia drained me of that patience.

The fandom and the show are serious about taking nothing seriously. Take a look at the reviews of the show on IMDB.

Summary: the reviewer supplants an actual review for World Peace with one for Suicide Squad. LOL. 


I feel required to sigh. I feel like this could have been written by a number of guys I go to school with. [adult swim] has been called out for the lack of diversity when it comes to the creators of its shows, nearly all of them are white males. Not a single female. With Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio already the role of the show that’s “too cool and alt comedy to be funny” has been filled. The 2015-2016 TV season was not a good year for sketch comedy so far. Harg Nallin’ hasn’t had the greatest reception. SNL fired three cast members, and  Party Over Here got the axe, but no tears here. Party Over Here perpetuated the belief that women aren’t funny. It’s sad to see the first all-female sketch show cancelled, but now I can look forward to the first successful all-female sketch show. Sketch comedies have been met with animosity, and it’s likely  because there is not enough of a diversity of voices to bring fresh material. Let’s not forget the main demographic of [adult swim], 18-49, who have grown to distrust sketch comedy. Those at the lower end of the demographic remember the horrible final seasons of All That and when the show So Random of Sonny with a Chance became its own show on Disney Channel.


So, because I would like to see a success for a sketch comedy for my favorite cable network. Hope for the best, expect the worst, and the second episode was better than the first episode, so maybe it will improve episodically. I could even grow accustomed to the brand of humor and think it’s all great anyway. I will continue to watch, as one watches a fire, or two people punching each other over a piece of cardboard. I am hypnotized by Charls Carroll’s jawline, I’m a woman and I can put up with anything from a man if he’s hot enough.

It is my hope that they follow this man’s advice

I ASSume he’s male based off of the William Hung profile pic

It may make World Peace similar to Eric Andre, but at least then it would be more justifiable to have World Peace follow Eric Andre. 



10 thoughts on “Trying to Understand the Appeal of MDE

  1. You need to chill out and just enjoy it, the guys at mde worked very hard to get on the tube. I know a lot of people might think they are racist, sexist and all that (I can see why) but they aren’t, in real life they are incredibly respectful, they just like to make fun of EVERYTHING. From athiests, gamers, weed smokers, black culture and even women. They don’t want to be constricted to only certain things to poke fun of where others are taboo, if you can make fun of one race then you should be allowed to make fun of all of them same goes with gender, they make fun of men and women.

    When your watching them or anyone in this case and feel uncomfortable about something they said that makes you question your beliefs such as if they make fun of weed and you think, “oh haha they are saying that weed makes me lazy, I guess it does but I’m still going to keep smoking it” or if you react like this “WHAT!? weed is the best drug it actually helps, unlike ALCOHOL which is LEGAL, these guys are idiots”

    Do you get what I’m trying to say? I’m not to good at writing stuff like this. But just learn to laugh at yourself and even others. At the end of the day they are pretty much just fucking around.

    This video is pretty funny:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was amazed by the transition they did to the musical guests last night, and I laughed my ass off when Charls punched himself and the condom broke from the branch stabbing it, but Sam still looks like a murder-rapist to me. I like Charls. I like Nick, but if Sam ever approached me on the street I’d mace him.


  2. “Do you get what I’m trying to say?”
    Not really, but it sounds like your butt hurts
    “I’m not to (sic) good at writing stuff like this.”
    You’re not too good at writing in general, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to hinder you.

    MDE;WP is far funnier, more original, and more creative than you could ever hope to be, you faggot cunt slut.


  3. Not to be rude but I think you missed the point of Jews Rock. It was showing the executives not displeased, but not paying attention. The joke is they were doing something offensive and the execs didn’t care, they were all on their phones. Kinda lame you spent most of this “critique” talking about being a woman and not really talking about the show. Not like critique would really change ones opinion considering that comedy is about as subjective as horror.


  4. They are using their “comedy” as a platform to spew their hateful alt-right white power bullshit. It isn’t funny or even creative. I’m amazed it even made it on tv, but I guess there are enough people stupid enough to think that they are a acceptable replacement for Tim and Eric without even realizing that when they talk about women and race it isn’t trying to be satirical or to start a dialogue it is just to be hateful. We’ll all you bros can enjoy yourselves, I’ll sit this one out.


  5. In case you didn’t know, the uncensored version of that skit was “Jews Rule” not “Jews Rock”. Adds some more meaning to the joke, it’s a shame they had to change it.


  6. It is interesting to me that people who are upset with this show, aside from people for whom the humor goes over their head, are upset because their precious group has been insulted. You said yourself the show appears to be watched mainly by white men, or “dudes” (presumably straight), which is the exact demographic that is mocked and ridiculed more than any other in World Peace. So if these people about whom you think so little can have a sense of humor, why can’t you? You remind me of the sketch they did with an emo band being interviewed in which they broke character to call the young girl interviewing them a dumb bitch for not knowing what Yoohoo is and she clearly could not handle the joke and took offense.
    Also, why should anyone listen to your opinion when you are incredibly superficial. You clearly have no understanding of any of the deeper meaning in the series and constantly judge people based on their looks. Oh Sam looks like a rapist so I’ll mace him, but Charls is hot so the show’s OK. You seem to be incredibly vapid and shallow and I sincerely hope that that is just how you came off here, rather than how you are as a person. Thank you for providing the forum for this discussion.


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