Dune Dune Dune Dune Dune

In putting my money where my mouth is, and as a way to give merit to the idea that a movie can be supplemental to reading, I watched Dune while referring to a PDF of the novel and Lynch’s script when things were too vague, or Kyle/Paul whispered too faintly during moments of interiority.  It was a messy enterprise, but I expected as much. Dune has long been regarded as one of the most difficult films and novels, but having these the two working together made it easier and more enriching as I had watched Dune before, but never in full. I did not spoil the surrealism of the film by addressing the source material. There were many times I still didn’t understand was going on and by God* I liked it.

* I don’t think He was actually involved.

In this experiment, I find myself thinking of Michael Witmore’s “Text a Massively Addressable Object.” It is these types of technological evolutions that are also evolutions in who we are as readers and consumers of information. The knowledge available to us today is as infinitesimal as the knowledge gained by the people of Dune from the the Water of Life, only a lot less agonizing and David-Lynch-esque.

I am considering doing a “Thoughts While Watching Dune.” I might try to do all of the Lynch films.


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