An anonymous source claims that given the wave of feature live-action adaptations, studios will be looking to go into another direction, by using the rotoscope technique in order to turn live-action films into animated features for the sake of giving cinema a bit of variety.

Rotoscope, best known for being the technique used in A Scanner Darkly and the episode “Walk on the Wild Side” of X-Men: Evolution, w here, as someone on Tumblr pointed out to me, they rotoscoped clips from the film The Craft. I thought that was awesome. I never felt such joy from a combination of things I love since Ben McKenzie got on Gotham.

Another anonymous source theorizes that this upcoming trend will lead to a renaissance for live-action/animated hybrids, in the vain of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, CoolworldSpace Jam, and Looney Tunes Back in Action. Independent films will embrace this, given that incorporating animation into live action will be easier, with how CGI has improved since the heyday of films that used animation within live action. The source goes on to say that this will lead to remakes of those films, and there will be another storm of remakes being a major part of the yearly cinema for a number of years.

Note: the sources consider are insiders in so much as one delivered a pizza to Seth Rogen’s house, and the other is getting on film degree from Full Sail.

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