Reading Philosophy

This summer, I’ve taken quite the liking to reading books on philosophy. It’s given me the idea of writing about my philosophies when it comes to reading.

Should’ve Read the Children’s Crusade as a Child

Types of books; ones we regret wasting our time on, ones we never finish, ones we wish we read sooner, ones that fit our life so perfectly it feels like fate, ones that become a part of us, and ones that mean nothing to us. A book can be in multiple categories or move into a different one with time, though there are exceptions. The ones you never finish will always be the ones you never finished, and the ones you wish you read sooner because you think it would have made you or your life better, will always be the ones you wish you read sooner. I tend to think that books are kind of like language, the earlier you’re exposed to them, the better.
Slaughterhouse Five follows in the “wish-I-read-sooner” category. I had reached the last page of Slaughterhouse Five and had to take a pause. The prayer in Montana’s locked, it was the same on the bookmark my Aunt Jean gave me days prior was on the stand beside my bed as I read, for I found the words on the bookmark comforting. Therefore, while it is a book that I wish I read earlier, I can’t say I didn’t read it on time.




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