ADHD Thoughts

If you would enjoy any insight into the high-functioning, ADHD mind, examine this chronology of thinking.

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline in the film Orange County

Kevin Kline is one of the most influential people for me

Wild, Wild West

Road to El Derado

This scene from Orange County

An essay on my hometown

Other thoughts:

  • I watched this  on the WB when I was ten. Why was I allowed to watch so many teen movies at that age?
  • Catherine O’Hara and John Lithgow are important, too.
  • And Schuyler Fisk
  • Could the love for Faulkner I found as a adult at all been subconsciously influenced by this movie?
  • Joyce?
  • I only watched this movie because  I saw the WB was going to show it made me think of the OC, for obvious reasons.
  • I will never stop believing the only reason the WB showed Orange County was for the people who were watching The OC instead of One Tree Hill
  • I watched One Tree Hill because my sister did.
  • I got her into watching The OC when they showed season 1 during the summer before season 2.
  • I miss The OC

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