A List of People I’m Indebted To

I hold the belief that everyone we meet inspires us whether we like it or not, whether we like them or not, and no matter how fleeting their presence in our life was. Being back home from college, I keep on encountering people from my past, who not only serve as confirmation that my life before college existed, but also strengthens my belief in how people inspire us. This is a list of people who I always wanted to thank

My first therapist – I can’t remember her name, but she was the first person to ever call me smart. She was the first one to ever call me smart, and I believe she’s the reason I have tried so hard to prove her right.

Edna Dembosky (seventh and eighth grade English teacher) – I did not like her in seventh grade, but I know that I wouldn’t have dreadful grammar if it weren’t for her. She was like Aunt Josephine in real life, and in eighth grade she told me she thought that I would travel the world. I’m still trying to prove her right, and I will hold the promise I made to her at eighth grade graduation, I will dedicate my first book to her.

Kim Salley (sixth and eighth grade reading teacher, reading team coach) When I told her I wanted to quit reading team in seventh grade, because I didn’t like the books on the list, she told me that someone who really likes reading should be able to read anything. I am still trying to figure out if she was right. But when I saw her in Giant Eagle the other day, I wanted to tell her how I was a senior in college, and that I was reading all the time, since I am writing major and an English minor, in addition to being a reader for Bartleby Snopes. And I wanted to thank her for making me try to read everything. I could only tell her that I was good after she said, “Hi, how are you?”

Bonnie Resinksy (10th grade English teacher, HS reading team coach) – I tried to email her this year. I have a friend who knew her, but didnt have a new address. In the email I sent to her my junior year, I told her I picked playwriting for my genre in senior seminar, and that I had her to thank for my love of playwriting and acting. I’m not sure if she liked me. She may very well have hated me, but I miss that woman.



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