Rules to Live By #2: Ground Control

Most people don’t realize the remarkable benefits of laying down on the floor. You have room to stretch your legs, and you are upholding an ancient tradition. There is no proof that primative people slept on the floor, but nothing disproves it either. Why the heck would they have beds if they didn’t agriculture? It’s hard enough for me to make a bed after sleeping in it, I can’t imagine primative people making (building) a bed. Secondly, we as a society use the ground as a safe harbor. In tornado drills, we get in the hall and get on the ground. In bomb drills, we got on the floor under our desks. When someone is on fire, they are to stop, drop to the ground, and roll. In conclusion, when life’s got you down, get on the ground. It’s firm and good for your back, and when people have already walked all over you, you’re with your own kind.


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