Greetings from Us Earthlings

Originally posted on Prose.


Believe me when I say we come in peace. I don’t know any aliens personally, but I understand you. Destroy All Humans 2 was once of my favorite video games*, and I watch movies all the time with aliens in them, and I have to tell you, I hate how aliens are always considered the bad guy! You know, sometimes I think I’m an alien, on the inside. I have the soul of an extraterrestrail. Especially you. You are good aliens. Not like the ones you hear about probing people, but there are bad humans, too.
* = The human guilt kills me. God forgive me for the fun I had playing anti-alien propaganda
Independence is being free from authority, but in the American sense, it means that you are not constantly impinged by authority. It means you are allowed to think you are free, and are given enough rights to make you think you can do anything, so long as what you want to do contends with a legal system that uses morality as get-out-of-jail-free card for the guilty, while frequently putting the innocent in jail or making someone lose years of their life for a drug charge, while a man rapes a drunk woman and only gets a few months.Believe me, ETs. We mean you no harm. We’re only interested in hurting ourselves.


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