Quote of the Day

“It really wasn’t until the moment that I did it and I was living even those days afterward where it was really like, ‘Wow’ like just thinking of the, maybe, the old things or the shame or all the feelings that at that point you might not even be necessarily as cognizant of, quite frankly. […]

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Can Bookslut Return?

In a land of smarmy book reviews and a time of look and listen to me because I have a fancy degree, the destiny of a great webzine rests on the shoulders of a young woman, her name Jessa Crispin. For those of you who aren’t aware, Jessa killed her webzine, Bookslut. It happened a few months ago, […]

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Reading Philosophy

This summer, I’ve taken quite the liking to reading books on philosophy. It’s given me the idea of writing about my philosophies when it comes to reading. Should’ve Read the Children’s Crusade as a Child Types of books; ones we regret wasting our time on, ones we never finish, ones we wish we read sooner, […]

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