I know it is really not in my best interest to dedicate myself to blog projects when I am headed back to college, but I’ve never been one for making well thought out life decisions.

Here are some things to come

  • I recently found a fairly odd YouTube video. This isn’t odd in the Weird Part of YouTube sense, but — well, it’s a video of the opening to the Harriet the Spy VHS. I found it when I found the music video for “The Secretive Life,” and I  remember this. We were a family that would rather suffer the trailer for Magic in the Mirror: Fowl Play than risk the VHS player eating the tape.
    • I promised myself as child I would never watch Magic in the Mirror, because even back when I was five I saw that it was fucking stupid as fuck, a visual lobotomy, if you will. I have taken an interest in the Paramount Family Favorites promo. Some of the movies I’ve seen. Some of them I haven’t, but I thought it would be fun to do installments of reactions to each film in the PFF promo, similar to what I did with Mortal Kombat. I’m not promising a weekly thing, because that might be a bit too much, but it will happen.
      • Movies (Rotten Tomatoes Percentage Included)
        • Charlotte’s Web – 75%
        • Andre – 47%
          • I liked this movie when I was little, so I’m heartbroken. We’ll see if I still like it.
        • Searching for Bobby Fischer – 100%
        • Popeye – 59%
        • D.A.R.Y.L. – 50%
        • Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back) – No Tomatometer Score. Audience Score: 81%
        • Lassie – 87%
        • Explorers – 77%
        • Prehysteria! – No TM. Audience Score: 39%
        • Dragonworld – No critics. Audience Score: 62%

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