The Sims vs The Fischer-Price Loving Family

The Sims


    • No clean up
    • You don’t look schizo, because you don’t have to provide dialogue.
      • As the boys from my high school could tell you, I don’t like doing stuff with my mouth
      • Unless it’s eating, talking, or singing
    • It essentially combined video games and doll house play, two things I loved as a pre-literate child
      • It was a simpler time
      • I was a master at Sega Pico

The Fischer-Price Loving Family and Dollhouse

  • 6109804
    • It’s hands on
      • As the boys from my high school can tell you
        • I like touching things
          • Girls can tell you that too
            • I don’t understand personal space
    • You don’t have the same customization abilities as you do with the Sims, but it’s a lot easier to kill people in doll house games than the Sims. I am positive that I didn’t have any murders in my Fischer-Price doll house. Yep, I only ever dealt with a Harry Potter action figure dating the 1992 Jasmine doll whose plastic hair came off, when my sister didn’t want her to (date Harry). And teen pregnancy. Hmm. I have some things to consider. Some soul searching to do.



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