All I Need is a Great Big Collaboration

Jack White and Isaac Brock 

jack and isaac

Both are the frontmen of bands (in White’s case 3) with distinctive sounds instrumentally and vocally. The sound would be rock heavy, and hopefully, there would be an equal share of mic duty, so it’s more of Bowie and Jagger doing “Dancing in the Street” than Pitbull saying “Miami” a few times with an up-in-comer.

Brandi Carlile and Brandon Flowers

brandon and brandi

 Yeah, they’re two of my favorite musicians, and their first names are the same, only in the correlating gender form, but I also think they both have the same sensibilities lyrically. Flowers has a twang tohis voice that can work well with Brandi’s alt-country music arrangements. Brandi’s timidity can go well with Brando’s bravado.

MGMT and Daft Punk 

mgmt and daft punk

This isn’t just me thinking, “Oh, you’re two guys, and you’re two guys. You have so much in common!” This is proven compatibility as seen in this mash-up.

It could get a Grammy nomination.

Now, a list of collaborations I know will be weird, but would be fun to see. They are so deemed weird either because the artists are dead, or the musical style (for one reason or another) would be in opposition to each other.

  • Tiny Tim and Kurt Cobain
  • John Lennon and Amy Winehouse
  • Biz Markie and Darius Rucker
  • Black Sheep and Weird Al
  • Nate Reuss and GWAR
  • Baby Metal and the Zac Brown Band
  • Die Antwoord and Norah Jones
  • Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars
  • Gwen Stefani and Peter Murphy (lead singer of the Bauhaus, still alive.)
    • ^^^ I kind of want to put them up in the legitimate list. ^^^

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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