Mynewshe: Death Grips Inanimate Sensations

Back in April, as I was living a friend of mine’s place, he told me to listen to “Inanimate Sensation” by Death Grips.

If you watched the music video, and you’re like me, you were likely thinking “What the holy fuck is this?”

When I first listened, I thought, why would my friend think I like this?

If you are also like me, then you listened again in hopes of making sense of it all.  Then you start finding a pleasure in it. You start learning to like it. Next thing you know, you say “Blown out bass” in a casual, everyday way.

Then you palette cleanse with hip hop jazz instrumentals before taking sanctuary in today’s adult alternative.

I think of this song every time I watch the Key and Peele dubstep sketch, because while introducing the sketch, Keegan Michael Key says, “You can’t rap to dubstep.” Death Grips come pretty close.

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