It’s been a long time…

But I decided to resurrect this here humble blog of mine. My gratitude and condolences to those who have stuck with me.

Let me begin by giving a description of low blood sugar. I have had type 1 diabetes for years, but only now do I think I have a description of hypoglycemia. As I write it is hard to type. I am recovering from low blood sugar at this very moment. I would say  its a lot like feeling your entire body be tired, only you feel fragile and like every movement you make is detrimental to your health, breathing becomes a chore; you start huffing and puffing, and then you start to sweat. The sweat on your skin becomes weight. Your body is so tender and brittle, beads of sweat feel like bumps protruding from your body, and a tingling sensation runs throughout you. Your feet and hands feel like shackles, pretty much everything but your head, neck, and torso, feel like they’re going to drag you to the ground.

It’s like you can feel your brain fire signals throughout your body to press on, and your brain will try to build a stress, stress will raise your blood sugar. In tight situations I psych myself out in the hopes it will help my blood sugar go up and give me more time to get something sugary.


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