Are Metaphors Gluten Free

You think it will be like reuniting with old friends. It is, but it’s like reuniting with old friends you haven’t kept in touch with. You’ve grown as a person and they stayed the same, and that’s the problem.

A better way to describe going through my old stories is that it is a cat lady finding a long-dead cat. It’s a soul-crushing experience. You hold those pages and read the drivel you once thought just needed a little work. It was much more than little. You are gagging! You are going to be sick. This was something you I cared about. It’s my fault this happened. I put it away for a time when I could make it the story I wanted it to be… Essentially I put the kitty in the bathroom. I knew it was in the bathroom. I thought I gave it enough food and water to last a while, and I thought it would be fine, but now I am looking at this and I am thinking I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON! I should have never had a cat! I think about my other stories. LOOK AT THIS ONE, THOUGH! LOOK AT IT! I SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH! I AM A MONSTER! I SHOULD GET RID OF THE OTHERS BEFORE THEY MEET THE SAME END! Then the most I can do is toss this lifeless object in your hands into the fire, hoping to burn it up and that it doesn’t infect the ones that are still alive and that I know better now.


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