You are Cordially Invited to the Funeral Pyre of My Dreams


You are receiving this because you have touched my life in a way that has either diappointed you or emotionally frazzled the fragile, hearty-hearted, reject of society that is yours truly (me). I have devoted my life to doing the following: having something to rub in the dullard faces of the bitches and assholes I called sub-peers in another world, proving those who doubted me (most of my family) wrong, and making those who did believe in me (no matter if they believed in me truly or not) proud. I have failed at all of these things. I have taken a long look at myself and my life’s work and discovered the hack that is yours truly.

So, this Tuesday, my thirtieth birthday, join me in burning the bridge to my own private Terabithia. I shall set every last composition, lyric, and instrument I failed to sell ablaze. Then Stick around to watch my dreams go up in smoke. Ther will be pizza seasoned in salt that represents my tears, alcohol to celebrate my new passion for getting fucked up and forgetting everything, and chocolate chip cookies made with dark chocolate that symbolized the everlasting bitterness I feel for everyone who hwas caused me to be so detrimentally determined!

Afterwards there will be the commencement of me delivering a heartfelt speech that will feature forgiveness, revelations, renewed hope, and revitalized zest for life! The night will end with me discovering a new passion. I’ve been thinking about taking up painting.

The Forever Nameless


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