Looking for New Music

I have been trying to find new music to listen to, but every time I start listening to a new song I think, “Nah. I am just going to listen to the same songs I have listened to for 4,000 years because I got hit by a car and just walked away because I didn’t […]

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Night of the Taurus

Taurus was shining brightly, and when the rays of the constellation touched the street and a man caught sight of a woman, he turned into a bull. Women had to be more cautious than ever when walking. It had been going on for years, but it was manageable. Just don’t go out at night, or […]

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I’ve Been Away

In the game Animal Crossing, when you go a long time without playing the game (that progresses without player influence and tells time using the consoles clock) your village is filled with weeds. I wish this was more like that. Even with these rude comments, I am resurrecting the blog today.

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Margaret Brundage

I talked about Margaret Brundage a couple of weeks ago and think given there is a few minutes left of International Women’s Day, I want to recognize her. I think I heard about her from Margaret Atwood first but I have to think I heard of her prior. I definitely learned the most about her […]

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